Way to go, St. Anselm!

CSF staffers went on a school visit today to St. Anselm Parochial School in the South Bronx. In meeting practically the whole third grade class, student by student, we learned that many are excited to be doctors, teachers, police officers (to stop bank robbers!), veterinarians, paleontologists, and singers, just like Alicia Keys, Mia told us. St. Anselm is without a doubt a school filled with activity and warmth. The students raved about their teachers and principal, Ms. Teresa Lopes, saying that teachers explain subjects thoroughly and that they love Ms. Lopes because she takes care of their school. Ultimately, St. Anselm is blessed with a supportive staff and thriving students, and it was a great school to visit.

To give some kudos to CSF recipients, we’d like to congratulate four St. Anselm students who received Student of the Month awards in November and December:

Alexus and Celia (3rd grade) both received the Student of the Month Leadership Award in November 2008.

Amberly (3rd grade) and Stephanie (5th grade) both received the Student of the Month Generosity Award in December 2008.

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

CSF Recipients- Third Grade


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