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CSF Highlighted in Cal Thomas column

Syndicated columnist Cal Thomas has a piece in today’s Washington Times highlighting Children’s Scholarship Fund’s event last week. Read all about it!


Taking Parental Choice Beyond Z

Last Tuesday CSF hosted a conversation with Eva Moskowitz, CEO of the Success Charter Network (which was recently highlighted in the NY Times). The theme of the event was “Taking Parental Choice Beyond Z,” referring to the Dr. Seuss book, On Beyond Zebra, beloved by Eva and used to inspire at her schools. CSF President Darla Romfo and Eva discussed hot topics including parental empowerment, political advocacy, and tax credit scholarships. To view a clip of the conversation, click here.

The event also highlighted a very special CSF family who has been in the program since the 2005-06 school year. Jaime Martinez and his little sister, Ashley, are stellar students at Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary School in Manhattan. Jaime plays violin, sings in the gospel choir, and is on the ballroom dancing team. He’s also participating in the prestigious Reach for Regis program. Jaime hopes to become a lawyer after college so that “he can help people in his community.” To watch Jaime’s speech, click here.

The evening was a great success and it inspired everyone to continue working towards better educational opportunities, so that students like Jaime can prosper and reach their fullest potential.

For more photos of the event, click here. If you didn’t make it to this event, we hope you can make the next one!

CSF President, Darla Romfo, with special guests Jaime and Ashley Martinez.

CSF President Darla Romfo with special guests Ashley and Jaime Martinez.

Birthday Wish from a CSF Supporter

Birthday Cupcake

In the spirit of web 3.0 and all those fancy web communications, Michael, an amazing CSF supporter has made a birthday wish in support of CSF.

Check it out here, and support Michael and CSF at the same time.

Michael, you are great! We wish you a very happy birthday!