The Rock Band Experience


Last night, CSF had the pleasure of joining O.A.R. at the Hard Rock Cafe for the kickoff concert for the 2009 global Imagine There’s No Hunger campaign to benefit WHY, a nonprofit that fights hunger and poverty in America and around the world. O.A.R. has been a longtime CSF supporter (see previous O.A.R. activities) and this time invited a group of students from Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary’s choir to sing along with them on stage.

The choir got the full rock band experience! They began their afternoon with rehearsals and sound check at 2:30 pm.  After some work, they got to enjoy the fun stuff—complete access to the backstage area and VIP goodies like food, TV, a comfy lounge, and best of all, chatting with the members of O.A.R. about everything from their favorite movies and tv shows to their plans for 8th grade graduation.

MCHR Choir

At 8:30 pm, O.A.R. began their set and invited the choir to sing “Let It Be” by The Beatles and O.A.R.’s song “Heard the World.” It was a great performance and an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss the action—watch the videos now!

Thank you O.A.R. for your continued support to CSF and your dedication to philanthropy. You are an inspiration to us all.


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