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CSF President Speaks in Buffalo

CSF President, Darla Romfo, had the pleasure of being the keynote speaker for the ninth annual “Making a Difference — Celebration of Catholic Education Dinner” last night at the Adam’s Mark hotel in downtown Buffalo.

In her speech, Darla praised the efforts and outcomes Catholic schools have achieved for inner-city communities. The value these schools bring is evident not only in their graduation rates, she says. “There is a lot of order and structure and discipline and a lot of respect and love. All of those things factor in together. I go into Catholic schools all the time, and no matter how bad the neighborhood is, you always walk into a place that is incredibly clean and well ordered, the children stand up and say good morning to the principal, good morning, visitor. They are excited to learn.”

These inner-city schools have been furthering education in needy communities for many years, and we are very thankful that they exist to provide a quality education for many CSF students. In Buffalo, CSF works with our partner program, The BISON Fund, to provide scholarships for more than 1,000 children. The BISON Fund has awarded more than 14,000 scholarships over the past fifteen years.

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