CSF Honored at Trey Whitfield Dinner

Trey Whitfield School Founder A.B. Whitfield with CSF President Darla Romfo at the recent Trey Whitfield dinner

Last Friday night was warm and humid outside, but inside Brooklyn’s El Caribe Country Club the air was cool, the fairy lights were glowing, the music was smooth, and the stage was set for a terrific benefit for the Trey Whitfield School.

Among the six adult honorees was CSF President Darla Romfo. Darla was selected as a role model for Trey Whitfield students because of her work at CSF, offering a quality education to thousands of children. Other adult honorees included: NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry; Darryl Dawkins of the Philadelphia 76ers; Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes; Carra Wallace of New York’s Office of Executive Initiatives, and Boston Celtics forward-center Rasheed Wallace.

Trey Whitfield School is a high-performing independent private K-8 school in East New York, Brooklyn run by former pro-football player A. B. Whitfield and Janie Whitney. For more than 25 years, the Trey Whitfield School has offered local families a character-based and academically-advanced curriculum. As the school’s website explains,

There are no loud noises, kids out of control, or graffiti on the walls at the Trey Whitfield School. Confidence is built by teaching in each classroom morals, accountability, leadership, character development, order, and old world values. Strict discipline is cushioned by the teachers’ love and affection so that students enjoy going to school. Intimidation or demeaning behavior of students or teachers is not tolerated. Uniforms promote equity between students. Respect for others and one’s self is paramount.”

More than 400 lucky children attend the Trey Whitfield School, and the school’s work and mission are definitely a reason for celebration!


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