Back to School is Around the Corner

Summertime is winding down and we are seeing the Back to School consumer frenzy begin. Parents, watch out! Soon enough you’ll be running around hunting down the very specific college-ruled loose-leaf paper, 0.7mm lead pencils, and numerous composition books, spiral-bound notebooks, and graph paper notepads. But before we join the madness, let’s take a moment to highlight a very bright CSF student, Osvaldo Vargas.

Osvaldo has been a scholarship recipient since the 1999-00 school year, the first year that CSF offered scholarships. His mom, Ms. Vargas, was aching to send him to private school because she admired the discipline and teaching offered in the private school setting. Her wish became a reality when a friend told her about the CSF scholarships. As soon as Osvaldo, her eldest, graduated from PreK, she applied and was awarded a scholarship.

Osvaldo continued with the scholarship all the way through his 8th grade graduation from Our Lady of Refuge School in 2008, and now, thanks to the high school scholarships provided by CSF’s partner, The Endowment for Inner-City Education, Osvaldo has two successful high school years under his belt. He’ll enter 11th grade this fall. CSF regularly receives his report cards, which all boast an average of 85 or higher. Ms. Vargas tells us that Osvaldo loves math and hopes to pursue a career in engineering or computer science. And Osvaldo’s most recent report card – scoring a 92 in Geometry – shows us that he’s well on his way towards reaching his goals. Keep up the great work, Osvaldo!

Ms. Vargas is surely proud of Osvaldo’s accomplishments, but she also notes the success of her two other children, Melissa (8th grade) and Osmar (2nd grade), who use CSF scholarships to attend Our Lady of Refuge. Melissa also loves math and dreams of being a pediatrician. She tells us how much she loves her school, saying, “[It’s] fantastic! I like the teachers. They keep you working. They tell you never to give up.” She’s also so grateful for her scholarship. “Without the scholarship I wouldn’t be where I am now,” she says.

Now, let’s have a great end of summer, and get ready for an exciting new school year.


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