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USA Today’s Common Ground Supports CSF

Check out Cal Thomas and Bob Beckel’s Common Ground piece in USA Today to hear what they have to say about CSF’s work. As long time friends on different sides of the political spectrum, Thomas and Beckel find common ground on political and social issues.

Today’s piece, titled “Time to rethink ‘war on poverty’”, focuses on the poverty plaguing millions of Americans across the nation. When the conversation turns toward the topic of education and the urgent need to save kids today in order to prevent future poverty, Thomas brings up educational choice (a subject he and Beckel agree on). He highlights CSF’s work by saying that with the help of a CSF scholarship, “These kids can then get out of failing schools and find a sustainable path to a better life.” Ultimately, he even pledges to donate, and asks Beckel to match his pledge as well. Thank you both for the support!

Get the full article and video here. And visit CSF’s website to see how you can join Thomas and Beckel and help a child enter private school.

“Kid, You’ll Move Mountains”

CSF believes in the immense potential of each and every child, and we especially believe in the bright future of our CSF Scholars. Our latest annual report is appropriately titled, “Going Places,” after the famous children’s book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go. The report highlights the work that CSF has accomplished over the last year, but most importantly, shines the spotlight on the accomplishments of our CSF Scholars. We are so proud of them all.

Read about Hansel López, a recent college graduate well on his way to success; the Woodson family, a family of four CSF Scholars thriving year after year, and Camilla Spangler, who has matured into a focused and goal-oriented young lady. Hansel, the Woodson children, and Camilla are all bright students who are absolutely going places. As Dr. Seuss would put it, they’ll move mountains!

You can download the report here, or request a hard copy by emailing or calling 212-515-7115.

Hundreds of Students Still Need Scholarships

The 2010-11 school year is underway, and we are excited to see what this year will bring. However, we need your help. CSF has awarded thousands of scholarships already, but we are still receiving applications on a daily basis and we have a wait-list of several hundred children.  To read a message from CSF President Darla Romfo about what you can do to help today, please click here. As our Co-Founder and Chairman, Ted Forstmann, has said, “When you save a child, you save the world.”