MOST Celebrates Educational Choice in Memphis

Good news! CSF’s partner program in Memphis – Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust (MOST) – is featured in today’s Memphis Commercial-Appeal with an article  from MOST staffers Mandy Yandell and Ginger Spickler.

As we celebrate National School Choice Week, Yandell and Spickler highlight the wide variety of school choices available to families of means in Memphis as well as the great opportunities that MOST scholarships provide for low-income families who don’t usually have the same options.

Here’s an excerpt:

“MOST and its supporters believe school choice means more than simply getting into a “good” school. We believe that, at its heart, school choice is about giving parents the resources — informational and financial — to make the best decisions for their children. Parents who feel they have had a say in where their child attends school are more likely to be involved in that student’s education in the classroom and at home. This sense of control over a child’s educational path is one wealthier families might take for granted, but lower-income parents rarely do.”

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