Last Week to Vote for CSF

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’ve arrived at the final week of Members Project. Can we count on you to vote for CSF one more time? Here’s the website again:

Your vote this week could help to take CSF from second place to first place, and earn $200,000 from American Express to fund scholarships for well-deserving children like Yesenia.

A fourth-grader who attends Sacred Heart School in the Bronx, Yesenia (pictured below) is a diligent student who plans to be a detective or police officer when she grows up. She recently wrote us a very charming letter explaining how much she appreciates the education she’s receiving.

“I have set and achieved goals here and still I am setting many more, thanks to the good vibe and environment in my school this year. I have received honors and I feel very successful and excited for what’s waiting ahead,” she writes. “I hope your fund can understand how much this means to me and how thankful I am.”

Yesenia’s mom also told us how grateful she is, adding that without CSF, there is no way she could afford to keep her at the school.

Please take a moment today to vote for CSF and think of Yesenia and all the 26,500 CSF Scholars across the country.  Anything you can do to spread the word and encourage others to vote one last time would be greatly appreciated.

Members Project will announce the final results on February 28th, and we will keep you posted. Thank you very much for all your votes and for making a difference in the lives of children.


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