Ascension School: A Beacon on the West Side

It was a bright and crisp morning on Manhattan’s Upper West Side today as CSF paid a visit to Ascension School, where 50 CSF Scholars (one-sixth of the student body) attend.

This school, a beacon in the neighborhood for almost a hundred years, welcomes a diverse student body and offers great academics and after-school activities in a stable, caring environment.

Spring has sprung at Ascension School

Ascension students are no slouches when it comes to foreign languages. First to fourth-graders are learning Chinese, and the older children in grades 5-8 switch to Spanish lessons. And not to be left out, the Pre-K and Kindergarteners are learning French!

Chinese-themed artwork lines the hallways at Ascension, where children in grades 1-4 receive regular Chinese language instruction.

Meanwhile, they also fit in science fairs, art lessons, and even ballroom dancing. The school’s early children education program is in such high demand it has a waiting-list. And while the classrooms have smartboards and netbooks, there is also a dedicated computer lab.

Seventh-grader Eric S. is just one of the lucky CSF Scholars who attend Ascension School. When we spoke to his mother, Veronica, she told us she is very happy with Eric’s progress. His favorite subject is math, and he also enjoys playing baseball and taking guitar lessons through the school’s music program.

CSF Scholar Eric is a 7th grader at Ascension School

Even though Veronica herself works in the public school system, she decided Ascension would be a better fit for Eric.

“He is a quiet kid,” she explained. “I didn’t want to put him in public school. I’ve seen first-hand how kids withdraw because of the setting. I didn’t want him to be one of them,” Veronica said. “We are very happy to be part of the CSF family and we are extremely thankful for all your support.”

After seeing how impressive Ascension School is, we know Eric is getting a great educational foundation that will serve him well in high school and beyond. Good luck to Eric and all the other CSF Scholars at Ascension. Keep up the good work!


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