Creighton Basketball Player Credits CSF of Omaha

Last week, CSF of Omaha celebrated its 8th annual awards luncheon, where Creighton University men’s basketball coach, Greg McDermott, was the guest speaker.

McDermott, however, had a special guest of his own to introduce. Creighton basketball player Josh Jones got a scholarship from CSF of Omaha as a fourth-grader at Jesuit Middle School in Omaha, and he says the school prepared him well. Early on, Jones learned to be well-behaved, because good behavior was rewarded with extra time on the basketball court!

Bluejays guard Josh Jones is a former CSF of Omaha scholarship recipient.

Now Jones is a management major as well as guard for the Bluejays, and he will graduate from Creighton in 2012. He expressed his gratitude towards CSF of Omaha for his scholarship, and also a wish that more children could get the same access to education that he got.

“I had friends who had the potential, but not the opportunity,” he said. “I wish more inner-city kids who have the talent and the mind-set to do positive things would get the opportunity that I did.”

This school year, CSF of Omaha is serving more than 2,000 children. You can read more about the CSF of Omaha event here and visit their website here.

At the luncheon, CSF of Omaha board chairman Kurth Brashear (l) with Jovann Harrington, a CSF of Omaha student who was honored with a Challenger Award, and Coach Greg McDermott, Creighton University’s men’s basketball coach.


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