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Ladner’s Moynihan Challenge

Five years ago, Dr. Matthew Ladner laid down a challenge: if anyone could prove to him that private school choice programs had a negative impact on children, he would buy them a steak dinner.

So has anyone been able to prove that allowing children the opportunity to attend private school has been harmful? Well, to find out the answer, check out his post on Jay Greene’s blog today.

Hint: You can find studies showing that choice programs improve test scores and graduation rates for children in private school and improve performance at nearby public schools here, and you can find research on CSF and CSF partner programs here.

1999 CSF Scholar Joins Class of 2011

What a pleasant surprise it was to open the mail yesterday and find a college graduation announcement for Matthew P., one of the very first CSF Scholars back in 1999.

Matthew is graduating this Friday from California State University, Dominguez Hills with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, and now he plans to go on to law school!

His very proud mother, Monica, wanted to make sure we were up to date on his progress. In her words,

“CSF played a major part in the man he has become. Thank you.”

Congratulations, Matthew! We are very proud of you and all the CSF Scholars who are graduating this year.

CSF Celebrates with Friends of Nick

This week, CSF had the pleasure of joining our friends at Friends of Nick at their annual awards ceremonies where they announce essay contest winners who will win 4-year private high school scholarships (quite an honor!).

Friends of Nick is a character building program created in memory of the late Nicholas C. Forstmann (brother of our co-founder, Theodore J. Forstmann). As their mission states, they “bring together students, parents, schools and sponsors to engage in an ongoing conversation, discovery and commitment to character.” Friends of Nick works with several of our participating schools in New York, and many CSF Scholars are among those who benefit.

At three awards ceremonies this week, five CSF Scholars were the proud recipients of the Friends of Nick Award. How exciting! We’d like to highlight them here to recognize their achievement:

  • Joselys D. from St. Thomas Aquinas School: Joselys has been a CSF Scholar since 2008 and will be attending Aquinas High School in the fall.
  • Chantera F. from Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary School: Chantera has been a CSF Scholar since 2005 and will be attending Cardinal Spellman High School. Chantera plans to try out for the volleyball team and currently sings with her school’s choir.
  • Gabrielle U. from Our Lady Queen of Angels School: Gaby has been a CSF Scholar since 2005 and will be attending St. Jean Baptiste High School. Gaby’s principal, Ms. Walsh, tells us that Gaby is one of her most involved students – always volunteering herself for school activities and being by far the most successful candy-seller during school fundraisers.
  • Rolando G. from Annunciation School: Rolando has been a CSF Scholar since 2005 and will be attending Cardinal Hayes High School. His older brother, Adriano, is a former CSF Scholar currently attending Cardinal Hayes.
  • Jorvelyn T. from Incarnation School: Jorvelyn has been a CSF Scholar since 2003 and will be attending Notre Dame High School.

Congratulations to all the Friends of Nick scholarship winners! The ceremonies were truly inspiring, and Nick Forstmann would surely be proud.

Spring ’11 Newsletter is Here

Spring is here, in full-swing, and so is CSF’s latest newsletter! The six-page newsletter features a lot of exciting news from our partners across the country, a brief on the parental choice movement, and a story on a reception held here in NYC celebrating our program. “The Last Word” feature highlights two very special people as well: Adam Brenner, a CSF supporter, and Hansel López, a former CSF Scholar and recent college grad.

You can read and download the newsletter here. If you would like a hardcopy, please email Angelica Zamudio.

Happy reading!