Graduation Season for CSF Scholars

Here at CSF, the graduation season is in full swing. Almost every day, we hear from another CSF 8th grader who is graduating from private elementary school. All of our graduates are looking forward to high school and most are already thinking about college.

We are encouraged to note that the National Center for Education Statistics shows that students who attend private school in 8th grade are twice as likely as those in public school to have completed a bachelors or higher degree by their mid-twenties. (The numbers are even more dramatic for private school 8th graders from low-income backgrounds.)

Because we are so proud of our graduates, we have compiled some of their photos and stories. Please take a moment to browse through our Graduates of the Day. You can also find them on the CSF Facebook page,

Some of the featured grads include:

  • Briana, who started reading Harry Potter books in 2nd grade, and tells us, ““[Guardian Angel School] is the best choice my mom ever made. It is preparing me for high school. I like everything about this school.”
  • Alex, the tallest boy in his class, who’s looking forward to high school basketball tryouts.
  • Nathan, who plans to become an FBI agent, architect, or orthopedic surgeon.

Congratulations to all the graduates!


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