A Former Student Reports to the Principal’s Office

By Darla Romfo, CSF President

I just had lunch with the new principal for St. Mark the Evangelist School in Harlem (where 45 CSF Scholars attended in 2010-11), and was reminded again of why we do what we do at CSF!!

The new principal’s name is Antwan Allen, and he actually attended St. Mark’s from 3rd grade through 8th grade with the help of a scholarship, went on to LaSalle Academy, and attended the University of Pennsylvania for undergraduate and graduate school. Now, after working at the George Jackson Academy for eight years, I am sure he is about to make his mark on St. Mark’s.

One of the things Antwan feels is so important for the children he is going to be serving at St. Mark’s—in addition to them receiving a great academic education—is that they are exposed to the world beyond their communities. In his words, “Education is partly about knowing you have options—developing your curiosity—and you can’t know what’s out there unless you’ve had exposure.”

As you read this blog, if you think of ways you may be able to help a child or a classroom of children get exposure to a workplace or a cultural event, or if you would like to go to a school and tell them about what you do, let us know. We will arrange it!!



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