Swimming from Alcatraz

We just found out our CSF partner programs have some very intrepid athletes!

Rachel Elginsmith, Executive Director of the BASIC Fund, CSF’s partner in the San Francisco Bay Area, recently swam 1.5 miles from Alcatraz to the mainland! With a time of only 44 minutes, Rachel finished third in her age group in the Alcatraz Challenge Aquathlon & Swim, which attracted more than 550 competitors from all over the world.

Rachel Elginsmith (center) during the 1.5 mile swim from Alcatraz Island.

Rachel and her associate Susie LeClaire formed a relay team, with Rachel doing the swimming and Susie doing a 10K run across the Golden Gate Bridge and back.

Rachel Elginsmith (l) and Susie LeClaire (with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background) after completing the Aquathlon.

We also hear that Ina Lipman, CSF Philadelphia’s Executive Director is in training to run the New York City marathon this fall.  Her goal is to complete the 26 mile run in less than five hours.

Congratulations to our CSF athletes! You are great examples to the children you are helping by showing that if you set goals and work hard, you can push yourself to go further than you ever imagined!


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