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CSF Co-Founder John Walton Enters Philanthropy Hall of Fame

Children’s Scholarship Fund is honored to note that our co-founder John T. Walton is one of 50 philanthropists who comprise Philanthropy Roundtable’s newly-launched Hall of Fame.

The list of donors honored also includes household names such as Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, and J.P. Getty as well as some lower-profile philanthropists. But each of the individuals highlighted was chosen by Philanthropy Roundtable because he or she “changed the nation and the world.”

Please take a moment to read the Hall of Fame profile of John Walton by author Naomi Schaefer Riley and learn about the valuable contributions he made, not only by co-founding CSF, but by investing in a wide-ranging portfolio of education reform and parental choice efforts (and encouraging others to join him) with the goal of “an all-out revolution in education.”

CSF Debuts New Video

Just before last week’s screening of Won’t Back Down, CSF debuted our new motion graphic video, The Children’s Scholarship Fund Solution.

Watch the video to see how CSF is tackling the education crisis and how CSF scholarships are empowering parents to choose better schools for their children, putting them on the path to a better future.

Click above to watch the new CSF video.